My new favorite homemade shampoo! 

So on my quest to clean up my lifestyle this year, hair products have definitely been one of the hardest to switch over! I’ve tried so many different things- no poo, Dirty Poo, NaturOli shampoo made from soapnuts (my fave, but a little pricey), Morrocco Methods, shampoo bars…you name it, I’ve tried it! I have several that I still use from time to time, but not one that I could use daily and have my hair look decent. Until, I found this recipe from Hippy Homemaker

It’s perfect! The marshmallow root gives the recipe the ‘slip’ that I missed from commercial shampoos, but I still know I’m using good, healthy ingredients for my hair. The recipe made about 12 ounces, and I only use a quarter size dollop to wash all of my hair, so I should be able to go a few weeks before making my next batch.  I don’t even need my lavender/ACV conditioning spray afterwards! My hair is happy. 🙂

Let me know if try it!