Keep Away Outdoors Spray!

I love the outdoors. ┬áI love camping, hiking, swimming, canoeing, backpacking, laying around in the hammock by the lake…you get the idea. ­čÖé

However, my love of the outdoors often seems like a one-sided love affair. As much as I love being outside, at this time of year, I can walk out in the yard to let my dog out and come back in with ten mosquito bites. ­čśŽ Not cool.

So, my husband and I went on our first backpacking trip this spring. I wanted to enjoy the trip AND come home without looking like I had a bad case of the chicken pox. However, I also wanted to avoid those chemical-laden sprays I had relied on in the past. I started researching DIY solutions, and found several that looked good.

Homemade hints had the most information about what works and why, so I used many of the same ingredients they did, but with my own twist. I was a little concerned about coming home with 30+ bug bites(which is what usually happens), but I brought my homemade spray and only had FIVE bug bites when we got back! FIVE! I usually get more walking out to pick up the mail!
I’m so excited to have a safe, all natural solution┬áthat I wanted to share my recipe with you all!

This recipe will make a 2 ounce bottle of spray. You need:

Keep Away Spray!
    • 15 drops of Purification essential oil blend
    • 10 drops of Thieves essential oil blend
    • 5 drops of peppermint essential oil
      • Want to more about what essential oils I use? Click here to learn more!
    • 1 tsp vanilla extract (Vanillin makes the spray last longer!)
    • a little less than an ounce of witch hazel or rubbing alcohol
    • a little less than an ounce of┬áfractionated coconut oil (Also increases the protection time of the essential oil blend.)
    • 2 oz dark glass bottle and spray top
    • small metal funnel for pouring
Combine all ingredients into the small glass bottle. I used a measuring shot glass for the coconut oil and rubbing alcohol, and then just counted the drops of essential oils that I dropped into the funnel. Cap the bottle once you’ve added all of the ingredients, and then roll the bottle gently on its side to mix.
That’s it! Let me know how it works for you! Happy Oiling!