Easy Peasy Homemade Hand Soap



This year, I’ve been moving away from store bought cleaners, cleaning supplies, soaps, etcetera. One of my very first recipes I made was my liquid hand soap. Not only do I know EXACTLY what’s in my soap, it’s super cheap to make and lasts forever!


Here’s what you need:

1 gallon distilled water ~$ .88

2 5 oz bars of castile soap – $4.69 each (I buy mine from thrivemarket.com for $2.95 each! It’s a steal! If you click on my link to Thrive Market, you’ll get 25% off your first order too!)



20-30 drops of your favorite essential oil (I only recommend Young Living essential oils. To learn why, click here.)

Total Cost: $10.26(If you paid retail for soap), or $6.78 if you buy your soap from Thrive Market.

Cost per bottle: Less than 56 cents/bottle(from Thrive) or about 90 cents if you paid full retail price for the soap! 

Honestly, it’s probably even less than that per bottle of soap. I’ve refilled all of my soap dispensers twice already and still have a bunch left. It’s so much cheaper than buying all of your soap at the Bath and Body Works semi-annual sales(like I used to do), AND you’re not being exposed to all of the sulfates and artificial fragrances in the BB&W soap!

Here’s what you do:

1. Grate both of your soap bars into a nice big pile of shredded soap. 🙂

castile soap

2. Heat up your water in a big pot. *If you’re not using distilled water, heat your water until it’s boiling! Then, turn it down until it’s just hot.

3. Dump your pile of grated soap into your big hot pot of water and stir.

4. Keep stirring.

5. Keep stirring, until all of the soap has dissolved into the hot water.

6. Take your pot o’ soap off of the heat, and let it rest for 12-24 hours. The mixture will continue to thicken throughout the day. Stir it when you can, but don’t worry about it too much.

7. Stir in any essential oils, if desired. Start with a few drops and keep building until your soap is “smelly” enough for you.

8. Pour into containers. If you’re messy like me, I recommend using a funnel to fill all of your containers!

This makes a ton! I filled up four soap dispensers and several mason jars with my hand soap.

9. Repeat this process when you start running out.

(Don’t worry, it’s gonna be a while! I made my first batch 3 months ago, and still have a TON left. I like DIY projects that I don’t have repeat too often!)





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