21 Uses for Citrus Fresh Essential Oil


Here are some of my favorite ways to use Citrus Fresh.

  1. Diffuse it for a wonderful-smelling house.
  2. Inhale it deeply for an invigorating boost or to enhance your mood.
  3. Diffuse it in your office for mental clarity.
  4. Put a couple drops in your drinking water when you need a little energy.
  5. Apply it to the bottom of your feet assist in emotion balance.
  6. Put a few drops in your favorite unscented body lotion, or make your own, for an incredibly sunny start to your day.
  7. Put it in your favorite pendant diffuser. It not only will act as a natural perfume, but also may help your focus and concentration.
  8. Mix a few drops in with some V-6 for a stimulating massage.
  9. Add a few drops to your washing machine to get rid of any stinky smells. Dilute with water before dumping on clothes.
  10. Diffuse while studying for a test to support memory recall and concentration.
  11. Diffuse Citrus Fresh for 20-30 minutes twice a day to create a cheery environment in your home or workplace.
  12. Apply a couple of drops to the ears, heart or wrists and wear as a cologne or perfume.*
  13. Make drinking your daily requirement of water (1/2 your body weight in ounces) a pleasure by adding a few drops of Citrus Fresh to your GLASS of water. (Don’t use plastic…essential oils etch or even dissolve petrochemical based products like plastic and styrofoam!)
  14. Some have found that drinking Citrus Fresh enhanced water helps them maintain a healthy weight.
  15. Did someone wear those shoes that leave scuff marks all over your floor? Add a drop of Citrus Fresh to a cleaning rag and wipe them out!
  16. Mix several drops of Citrus Fresh in V6 mixing oil for a full body massage to support the lymphatic system.*
  17. Blend 11 – 20 drops with bath gel base and add to bath water for a relaxing bath.
  18. Freshen your carpet:  Combine 16 to 20 drops of essential oils with 1 cup of baking soda or borax powder. Mix well and place in a covered container overnight so that the oil can be absorbed by the powder. Sprinkle over your carpet and vacuum up the powder immediately to infuse a rejuvenating fragrance into the room.
  19. A few drops of EO on a cotton ball hidden in inconspicuous places around the bathroom will scent it as well.  This method may also be used for cupboards, drawers, and any place else you might need/want a refreshing scent.
  20. Get rid of bad odors in the laundry:  As the machine is filling up with water, add soap and a few drops of the Citrus Fresh.
  21.  Remove sticky residue from stickers and bandages with a drop of Citrus Fresh.

*Citrus Oils are phototoxic so don’t apply them topically for 12 hours before going into the sun, before a radiation treatment, or a tanning bed.


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